Outdoor Lighting Christmas Lights

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Outdoor Lighting Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights are distinctive, the most commonly seen type being small fairy lights. However, there are larger bulbs for a different decorative look.

There is no limit (besides your electric bill!) to how you can decorate your landscape. You can show off your own personal style during the holiday season!

They come in a multitude of colors. Strings come in a solid color, pairs of colors, or just every bulb color on one string.

There are a variety of shapes and designs you can choose from. A very popular choice is icicle lights. There are also post lights with designs like snowmen, Santa Clauses or candy canes that you can use along walkways. And snowflake-designed lighting decorations that you can hang in windows.

There is a lot of flexibility in design. Strings of lights have many different settings now; always on, blinking, or chasing. Some have music options hooked up to them, also coming with features like blinking the lights in time with the music.

And with battery-operated and solar Christmas lights, you can put them just about anywhere you want to decorate without worrying about the cords!

They are a great way to show off your creativity and holiday spirit. You can take pride in your decorating abilities.

It can bring you closer to your neighbors. You can do group lighting efforts or spark up a (hopefully friendly) competition’ They are just fun! But they do burn out, break, or just go missing. Fixing Christmas lights is easy!

Christmas lights are a testament to how much landscape lighting technology has changed over the years. From different colors and shades to different designs of lamps on the bulbs to just overall efficiency of them, outdoor Christmas lights have continued to change with lighting technology. They will always be a creative and festive way to turn your landscape into a winter art piece (just don’t forget to take them down after the season is over)!

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