Can Toddlers Get Cavities?

Can Toddlers Get Cavities?

Is it possible for infants and toddlers to suffer from cavities even with their limited diet?

Many parents are led to believe that dental caries, commonly referred to as cavities, are less likely to attack babies’ deciduous or temporary teeth since they’re not yet exposed to a lot of elements that can ruin their pearly whites. Unfortunately, the primary source of their nourishment can likewise risk their delicate teeth from decaying fast.

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Mothers, and even fathers, provide their young sons and daughters with milk, which can come from the woman’s breasts or mixed with water from a cheap box of powder milk from a store. Either way, this calcium rich fluid may strengthen both developing teeth and bones yet they contain elements too that can contribute to rapid tooth decay: sugars.

Commonly known as baby bottle tooth decay, early childhood caries are possible when the kids’ teeth are exposed for a long time to the complex carbohydrates by leaving their filled milk bottle on the mouth as they sleep at night or even as they just play around in the morning. It is recommended that guardians be alert and on guard at all times to prevent very early tooth loss that can be painful especially at their ripe age.

How should parents protect their children’s young teeth from rapid decay?

One measure that guardians could take to ensure the health and wellness of their children’s oral cavity is to monitor them closely as they do their dental care routines. Aside from teaching them the proper technique of brushing, moms and dads must discipline them in carefully following a schedule of doing these activities, no matter how much boring they seem.

When is the best time to bring kids to a dentist’s office?

There’s probably no better timing to take the young patient to the office and meet his or her top pediatric dentist other than the moment that his or her first baby tooth erupts. On the average, these temporary milk teeth have started their development even within the womb but are naturally expected to erupt after birth, specifically at six months of age.

In unfortunate instances that this does not happen, a visit to the clinic would still be a good idea so that the patient’s specialist can diagnose ahead if there are any problems and plan their treatment as soon as possible.

How does a guardian know that their sons or daughters’ permanent teeth are underway?

The permanent teeth are anticipated to show up within the ages of six years and twelve years, just before an individual hits his or her adolescence. The development of 28 permanent teeth usually starts at the fourth year, in which the number could be higher or lower depending on the growth of the wisdom teeth. Also known as the third set of molars, these teeth at the far back of the oral cavity begin developing after all 28 have fully erupted.children's dentist

Is it true that wisdom teeth can be extracted surgically even before they erupt?

Most of the time this eruption of the wisdom teeth presents major dental problems rather than provide benefits for oral functionality. A lot of dentists in the city recommend their removal immediately because they lead to overcrowding of the teeth and sometimes they even form a cyst in the mouth.

It’s a good thing that dental specialists are able to provide a solution to avoid these problems altogether by extracting the wisdom tooth even before they erupt. This surgical procedure is best done by an oral surgeon.

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