Critter Problems – Rodent Control

Critter Problems – Rodent Control

The Norway Rat
The Norway Rat is one of the most common rats found in the Pacific Northwest. there is no rhyme or reason on where and who they choose to infest. From the most expensive homes to the heart of all major cities, these rats will do whatever it takes to keep out of sight and warm. They infest crawl spaces and basements for several reasons.Rodent control

Crawlspaces provide an environment that allows them to feel safe. Their sense of smell is so good they can smell the air in a crawlspace and know how long its been since a predator has been in there. They target insulation due to the name “Insulation” it’s a heat conductor and serves a warm blooded animal better than it would in the nature habitat.
Humans naturally will produce food sources that is garbage to us, or feed wildlife not knowing that it’s the same food source a rat dreams of eating.
Rodents are nocturnal so dark areas are more suitable to them.

The Roof Rat
The Roof Rat is one of the most agile climbers in the animal kingdom. They can scale siding, bolt up brick, shoot across telephone wires, jump 5-8 feet from a branch, fall 25 feet without getting hurt, and in most cases can infest your attic for several months or even years without you having any clue they’re up there. These rodents have the ability to strategically defecate in areas they choose, so finding droppings can sometimes make one give up thinking there is nothing up there. It takes a highly trained eye to be able to accurately assess a rodent scenario. 425 Exterminators leads the industry in rodent exclusion, sanitation, and sustained success long term. With the best warranty in the business you can’t afford to pay for this twice.Rat Control

Why are rodents so hard to get rid of?
Rats and mice alike have really no defense mechanisms. They heavily rely on their astonishing sense of smell. A rodent will live in your crawlspace or attic without any fear of you living below or above them. They are able to smell the air in the environment they are living in, and be able to determine how long a it’s been since a predator has been in that area. Once it establishes a safe area to live in, it now creates exit points by chewing. Sometimes this is pretty loud and could be mistaken for a larger animal. Every step a rodent takes, either urine, fur oils, or feces is left behind as a navigational beacon for its return voyage home. Every time a rodent uses this same path IE, looking for food, or finding a food source, water, following paths of other rodents, the scent is laid down over top each other until its so established that other rodents can smell this from great distances. Once this happens, the rodents will reach critical levels, with each creating more exit or entry points and nesting in the insulation.
Our Rodent Control Experts know every scenario about total rodent elimination for good.

If you trust us to take care of your rodent problem, we’ll promise you it won’t happen again.

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