Truck Accidents are real

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Truck Accidents are real

Can you just imagine your car being bumped or rammed by an 80,000 pounds truck ? about 67 to 75 feet in length? You are lucky if you will only sustain injuries. You may then ask, what are my rights? What benefits I am entitled to? Can I sue the offending driver directly? These questions are better answered with the help of truck accident lawyers. personal injury law

Truck accidents, unlike other vehicular accidents, are more complicated than it seem. This is because the truck driver may not only be the one liable in the accident but it may also include the trucking company, manufacturer and other parties.

This is where the role of lawyers comes in. Their function is vital because insurance companies, more often than not, offer low settlements, or will inquire into medical records to cast some doubts on the cause of the injuries.

Insurance companies do not want injuried parties to know the monetary benefits due them such as compensation for medical bills, loss of earning capacity, disability, and for the injury itself.

An experienced legal practitioner can help the victim go around through the various insurance company tactics and can assist him/her in securing the compensation that he/she needs and deserves.

If the accident happened in Los Angeles, victims may consult the best Los Angeles truck accident lawyers who are equipped with knowledge and experience to handle his/her plight. The victim is insured that his/her rights are protected and claims are correctly assessed and effectively handled.

To avoid being a victim of truck accident or any accident for that matter, extra precautions must be undertaken. However, should accident occurs, the parties involved must make the necessary steps while waiting for their own representatives to arrive at the scene.

While waiting for their arrival, certain steps may be commenced to prevent other risks from happening:

? Get pertinent information such as name, address, plate number, and license number of the offending party as well as the name and address of witnesses, if any

? Take pictures of the accident scene if a portable camera is at hand or anything to document the accident

? Wait for the lawyer before giving out information

? Report problems, however minor, such as injury, memory problems, discomfort or disorientation

In the streets of U.S., truck accidents are regular occurrence. Statistics show that truck safety is not improving in the U.S. Data for 2005 (NHTSA) showed that approximately 5,226 people are killed in crashes involving large trucks. In third year in a row, big truck accidents? death toll continues to rise. Large truck collision is to blame for about one of every eight traffic crash fatalities each year.

Some of the causes of truck accidents are as follows:

? Hostile drivers

? Unrealistic schedules

? Mechanical defects such as tire break out, break failure or improper breaking technique, and insufficient lighting

? Tailgating

? Long working shifts

? Driver?s physical condition such as fatigue and boredom

? Use of cell phone while driving

? Non installation of blind spot mirrors to avoid dangerous lane changes

? Jackknifing

? Driving beyond the speed limit

Certainly, it is every victim?s right to be assisted by an experienced and expert LA truck accident lawyer to whom he or she can fully entrust his or her legal battles. personal injury attorneys

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